Punchdrunk Screen Day of the Locust and Sunset Boulevard

The home of Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man, Temple Studios, will be opening its doors for exclusive screenings of two Hollywood cinema classics, Day of the Locust and Sunset Boulevard this April. John Schlesinger’s Day of the Locust is an unforgettable tale of lust, ambition, desperation and broken dreams, while Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard is a timeless classic. The two works screen 13 April and 27 April respectively.

Both films will be screened on 16mm prints in the atmospheric cinema space, The Encino Theater, housed within the extraordinary environs of Temple Studios’ set for The Drowned Man, which recalls the fading glamour of 1960s Los Angeles film industry. Selected by Punchdrunk’s Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle, the films are two of the cinematic inspirations for their performance piece, alongside George Büchner’s fractured literary masterpiece, Woyzeck.

Day of The Locust looks at 1930’s Hollywood, where dreams could come true and where anyone could win fame and notoriety. Visitors came from all over under the promise of sun, stardom, beauty and romance. Based on Nathaniel West’s 1939 novel, Schlesinger’s masterpiece shows the dark side of the American dream. The film stars Donald Sutherland, William Atherton and Karen Black.

Sunset Boulevard features Gloria Swanson, one of the greatest personalities of our generation. Swanson plays a washed up silent movie starlet Norma Desmond. William Holden creates a startling portrayal as Joe Ellis, the unsuccessful screenwriter who is pulled into Norma’s fantasy world. And a new star is born in Nancy Olsen as Betty. Wilder’s film noir extravaganza has captured the imagination and acclaim of audiences all over.

In Issue 54 of Aesthetica we spoke to Maxine Doyle about The Drowned Man and the companies novel approach to theatre. Read the article here: http://tinyurl.com/nz2r6hv

Day of The Locust, 13 April, 12.00pm and Sunset Boulevard, 27 April, 12.50pm at Temple Studios, 31 London Street, W2 1DJ.
Tickets to screenings are available to buy here: www.templestudioslondon.com

1. Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder, 1950.