Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker from Angels & Airwaves is On Sale Now

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker is a story by Blink-182?s Tom DeLonge, brought to life through animation and the music of Angels & Airwaves, and which was recently awarded Best Animated Film Award at the Toronto International Short Film Festival, which ran earlier this Winter.

The 14-minute short follows Poet, a lucid dreamer who has the rare ability to be conscious of his dreams while they’re happening. As Poet journeys deeper into his vivid dream life, he meets Dream Walker, a guardian angel of dreams, who protects him from the torment of a vicious Night Terror monster. But when his nightmares break through into his waking life, Poet must gather his courage and become the hero he was meant to be.

Despite the film’s award-winning quality, no commercial studio was involved in the production of the film which was directed entirely by twin brothers from Portugal – Sergio and Edgar Martins – who pulled together a small team of friends and produced the entire film independently through Tom DeLonge’s company To the Stars.

The film is included in and features music from Angels & Airwaves’ new album The Dream Walker, which was released 9 December 2014.

To purchase Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker visit www.angelsandairwaves.com.

1. Film courtesy of Angels & Airwaves and YouTube.