Official Selection: Thriller

Secret missions. Dark misfortunes. Surreal environments. ASFF’s Thriller strand lives within the darker sides of life. where magic realism raises the hairs and dangerous liaisons come too close to home. Curated to quicken the pulse and stimulate anticipation through hard-hitting scenarios.

When a reclusive fisherman finds a giant egg on his beach and decides to take it home, his life takes a big turn, for better or worse. A mysterious tale of magic realism. Ovum was selected as Best Film at the Rhode Islands International Film Festival, 2017, for it’s suspenseful fusion of fantasy and thriller.

Ovum is screening as part of Thriller 1: Uncertain Times. For the full programme, click here.

Tickets are now available for ASFF 2018, running 7-11 November. For more information, click here.

1. Courtesy of Luciano Blotta and Vimeo.