Official Selection: Documentary

These culturally rich and eye-opening screenings offer something truly poignant, moving beyond the parameters of shared spaces, entering private realms and sparking intriguing dialogues within a range of timely topics such as unemployment, immigration and national disaster.

Joong-wha Choi, a former soldier in the DPRK, lives with his wife and children in New Malden- the south London suburb, home to Europe’s biggest North Korean Population. Despite enjoying new found comforts of British life, he struggles to forget a land that betrayed him. Joong-wha reflects on both why he left North Korea and the state of his day-to-day life over the course of several months, in a portrait of loss, longing and the complexities of healing from trauma.

Little Pyongyang is screening as part of Documentary 2: Past, present & Future. For the full programme, click here.

Tickets are now available for ASFF 2018, running 7-11 November. For more information, click here.

1. Courtesy of Roxy Rezvany (Aya Kaido and Matt Diegan) and Vimeo.