Official Selection 2019: Thriller

ASFF’s Thriller strand is abound with Magical Realism and unforeseen scenarios. Fear-fueled, panic-stricken and hair-rising, these shorts are an unforgettable part of the programme. Each film is a manifesto of adrenaline and excitement.

Dog Skin is a supernatural tale directed by Tiago Teixeira. A man in self-imposed exile finds a stray dog and a mystery to boot. As he obsesses, he begins to question his sanity. Who is the woman that appears in his home every night?

Dog Skin is screening as part of Thriller 2: Animal Instincts. It will be shown on Wednesday 6 November in the Yorkshire Museum (20:00-21:30); Thursday 7 November in Everyman Cinema (13:15-14:45); Saturday 9 November in the Yorkshire Museum (21:30-23:00) and Sunday 10 November in Friargate (13:15-14:45)

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Dog Skin Dir: Tiago Teixeira (Void To Vortex). UK, 2019. 13:00.