Official Selection 2019: Thriller

Moral codes are put to the test and narratives sit on the edge of possibility in ASFF’s selection of Thrillers. Roll the dice with this popular presentation of films. These are sure to sweep viewers into a subtle mix of persuasion, fascination and sheer intoxication.

MAKR directed by Hana Kazim follows Sheikh, a fake exorcist who recently lost his daughter and with it, his trust in God. He visits the home of Khalid, a man who claims his wife was possessed by a Djinn. Things are not as they seem.

MAKR will be screenings as part of Thriller 1:  Dead To The World. It will be shown on Thursday 7 November at the NCEM (20:30-22:00); Friday 8 November in the Friargate Theatre (13:45-15:15); Saturday 9 November in the Yorkshire Museum (10:00-11:30) and Sunday 10 November at York Theatre Royal (16:30-18:00).

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MAKR. Dir: Hana Kazim. United Arab Emirates, 2018. 14:55.