Official Selection 2019: Music Video

Attend the short, impactful Music Video screenings and witness the craft of the filmmaker condensed into bursts of energy and creativity. Bright, colorful, and at times, dazzlingly surreal, these films are produced as a portfolio of sensory ideas.

Cousin John – The Arrival directed by Tom CJ Brown is a hybrid film posing as a music video. Whilst cousin John is away on business in the sprawling city, the residents of The Carrington House Hotel in upstate New York yearn for his result. This is a hybrid film posing as a music video.

Cousin John –The Arrival is screening as part of Music Video 1: People, Places, Things: Love Stories. It will be shown on Wednesday 6 November at York Theatre Royal (11:30-12:30); Friday 8 November in Everyman Cinema (10:00-11:00) and Sunday 10 November in King’s Manor (15:00-16:00).

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Cousin John – The Arrival. Dir: Tom CJ Brown. USA, 2019. 04:11.