Official Selection 2019: Fashion

The Fashion strand engages with contemporary trends and sparks conversations about the presence of moving image within the everyday experience. Beyond tailoring, desire and commerce, these films question the notion of aspiration.

Warrior With a Crown directed by JMP and Franscesco Cuizza adresses how our need to conquer is a fight that exists within ourselves. Shot in Malibu (California) on the beach in the eerie early hours of the day, the film employs movement and original choreography to unfold the journey of a man battling with his own failures.

Warrior With a Crown is screening as part of Fashion 1: Ways to see Yourself and the World. It will be shown on Thursday 7 November in Friargate Theatre (16:45-17:15); Friday 8 November at York Theatre Royal (13:30-14:00) and Sunday 10 November in Friargate Theatre (15:15-15:45).

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Warrior With A Crown. Dir: JMP, Fransesco Cuizza. USA, 2018. 04:08.