Official Selection 2019: Fashion

At the intersection of evolving media culture, each filmmaker moves into sensory experiences, collaborations and multi-dimensional exchanges. ASFF’s Fashion screenings are perfect for those interested in the lines between art, fashion and technology.

Ya Es Primavera reminds us that spring is not just a season, it’s a feeling. As the light falls through the trees, it is a new world of life and rejuvenation. This video is directed by Victor Claramunt, winner of best Fashion at ASFF 2016.

Ya Es Primavera is screening as part of Fashion 3: Identity: What defines it? It will be shown on Friday 8 November in 1331 (19:45-20:30); Saturday 9 November in the Friargate Theatre (18:15-19:00) and Sunday 10 November in 1331 (11:45-12:30).

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Ya Es Primavera. Dir: Victor Claramunt. Spain, 2018. 01:00.