Official Selection 2019: Drama

Attend the drama category to witness the big screen as a platform for empathy. These films draw attention to the closer sides of humanity, asking audiences to look inwards and connect to sympathy, kindness, mercy, fear, sorrow and anger.

The Visitor follows a robber on the run. He is hiding in the wild when he discovers a lonely house and an old woman living inside. She invites him in for coffee, and against all odds, they form an unlikely alliance. Jesper Isaksen is a critically acclaimed Danish filmmaker with 20 years of experience in the film industry.

The Visitor is screening as part of Drama 3: The connections we make. It will be shown on Wednesday 6 November at the York Theater Royal (21:15-23:00); Friday 8 November in Kings Manor (16-00-17:45) and Sunday 10 November in Bootham School (12:10-13:45).

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The Visitor. Dir: Jesper Isaksen. Denmark, 2016. 29:58.