Official Selection 2019: Documentary

The intimate stories and struggles presented to us in the Documentary strand do not simply denounce today’s issues, it also challenges them. They spark dialogues with a range of topics such as gender, immigration and the dangers of the media.

After The Silence, directed by Sonam Lancin, follows David – a man who had to leave his country and sacrifice love. Today, in order to obtain refugee status, he has to speak openly about his relationship with the man he loved and the society that forced them to live in secret.

After The Silence is screening as part of Documentary 6: Express Yourself. It will be shown on Thursday 7 November in Everyman Cinema (15:00-16:30), Friday 8 November in Kings Manor (19:45-21:15); Saturday 9 November in King’s Manor (10:00-11:00) and Sunday 10 November in Everyman Cinema (16:30-18:00).

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After The Silence Dir: Sonam Larcin. Belgium, 2018. 23:15.