Official Selection 2019: Dance

Dance provides a collaborative arena combining choreography and performance. With fluid movements, balanced sets, fitting soundtracks and timeless direction, these expressive shorts draw a line between bold delivery and delicate gestures.

What happens when you’re left alone? That is the question director Antoine Marc tackles with Remains, a fantasy detached from reality where the mind dances and loses itself, unaware of consequences. The protagonist falls in love with an essence – an idea.

Remains is screening as part of Dance 2: Thin Air. It will be shown on Thursday 7 November at 1331 (14:15-15:15); Friday 8 November in the Friargate Theatre (12:15-13:15) and Saturday 9 November in 1331 (17:30-18:30).

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Remains. Dir: Antoine Marc. U.K., 2018. 03:20.