Official Selection 2019: Comedy

Each of our Comedy screenings is sure to surprise and connect viewers through universal emotions and shared experiences in the everyday turned absurd. Be surprised by your reactions to our mind bending, elevated storylines.

Norteños directed by Grandmas, follows Barry, a mild-mannered dimwit from somewhere in the northwest of England as he attempts to elicit the help of his former lover Linda, in a local social club after brutally murdering his grandmother.

Norteños is screening as part of Comedy 1: Drifting Out to Sea: Tales from a Lonely Island. It will be shown on Wednesday 6 November at City Screen (15:15-16:30); Thursday 7 November at Everyman Cinema (10:00-11:15); Friday 8 November in the Yorkshire Museum (18:00-19:15); Saturday 9 November at the NCEM (18:45-19:15) and Sunday 10 November at 1331 (21:45-23:00).

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Norteños Dir: Grandmas. UK, 2018. 07:46.