Official Selection 2019: Comedy

The 2019 Comedy reels have been programmed with distinct and relatable themes, from life lessons and unexpected adventures to dealing with heartbreak. Satirical, tongue-in-cheek and playful, these shorts play on social etiquette.

The Beach House is a light-hearted comedy with a twist on marital expectations directed by Richard Naylor. James and Mike’s plan to “double propose” changes when they discover their girlfriends have a proposal of their own.

The Beach House is screening as part of Comedy 3: Too Much, Too Young. It will be shown on Wednesday 6 November in the Yorkshire Museum (21:45-23:00); Thursday 7 November in the NCEM (17:00-18:15); Friday 8 November at Everyman Cinema (14:45-16:00); Saturday 9 November in the NCEM (11:30-12:45) and Sunday in the Yorkshire Museum (19:30-20:45).

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The Beach House. Dir: Richard Naylor. UK, 2019. 10:06.