Official Selection 2019: Artists’ Film

The Artists’ Film strand is perfect for those looking to be surprised or challenged by cinema. Each year, these films push back against expected storylines and familiar tropes, flipping the lens on linear narratives, timelines and relationships and structure.

The Beauty directed by Pascal Schelbli is a poetic journey through the oceans, which are simultaneously stunning and filthy. Discover a world where concerns and fears dissolve into the mysterious depth of the polluted blue sea.

The Beauty will be screening as part of Artists’ Film 4: Interventions. It will be shown on Friday 8 November 2019 at the Friargate Theatre (17:45-18:45) and Sunday 10 November in King’s Manor (10:00-11:00).

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The Beauty Dir: Pascal Schelbli. Germany, 2019. 04:20.