New Film Release: Any Day Now

After sweeping the board at film festivals across the Atlantic, Any Day Now, hailed as 2012’s audience favourite, is set for a UK release in cinemas this week. Inspired by a true story, the film documents the day-to-day reality of the institutionalised discrimination faced by the gay community in the late 1970s. With nuanced performances from Alan Cumming as the flamboyant singer Rudy Donatello opposite Garret Dillahunt as the newly-divorced Paul Fleiger, Any Day Now follows the plight of two men battling with the American legal system to adopt a teenager, Marco Deison, (played by Isaac Leyva) who they have grown to love as their son.

The narrative of the couple’s flourishing relationship is intertwined with Marco’s story – a boy diagnosed with Down’s syndrome who is abandoned when his troubled mother enters prison. When their two stories collide, Rudy and Paul take Marco in and begin to build a loving family home. Once their unconventional living arrangement is discovered by the local authorities, the men must battle the bureaucracy of a prejudiced court system to gain custody of the child that they have come to love.

Directed and adapted by Travis Fine, the original screenplay for Any Day Now was written by George Arthur Bloom some 20 years ago. In the light of Russia’s recent Olympic controversy and the fraught status of adoption in many US states, the film stands firm as a powerful tale of love, acceptance and family. The institutionalised homophobia and controversy so prevalent in the film rings as true now as it did some 35 years ago.

Any Day Now is released UK-wide from 6 September.

1. Image from Any Day Now, courtesy of Music Box Films.