Music Video Winner 2017

An elderly man reminisces over all that has defined him over the years – his fidelity and his love – whilst time steadily moves backwards as the song plays out. Savvas Stavrou’s Metaxas – Sirens won the Best in Category for Music Video at ASFF 2017.

Stavrou comments: “Nobody ever sets out making a film thinking they’ll win awards for it. If anything, the journey is long, full of doubt, and (often) lack of sleep! Finishing a film is joy enough, let alone winning an award for it. Which is why this feels like such an honour – especially from such a fantastic festival. Getting this film off the ground proved tricky – it’s a challenging piece packed with possibilities of falling apart, especially with our almost non-existent budget. I was blessed with a group of people who believed in me from the offset, and a team who dedicated themselves and performed each of their individual talents with precision and expertise to bring this together. That alone makes up for all the difficult, doubtful moments on the journey, and this award also belongs to all of them.”

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1. Trailer for Savvas Stavrou’s Metaxas – Sirens. Courtesy of Vimeo.