Moving Narratives and Technical Innovation

Missed last year’s festival or fancy a refresher? ASFF offers audiences a chance to see the winning films from 2015 – our Fifth Anniversary edition.

Within the 2016 Special Screenings strand, we demonstrate some of the fantastic examples of filmmaking from last year’s festival. From Best of Fest winner Petros Silvestros’s A Confession, to Shezad Dawood’s mesmerising artists’ film, Towards the Possible Film, this engaging collection sets the bar for future years.

Explosions of colour, moving narratives and technical innovation, these exclusive screenings provide a retrospective glance at last year’s leading creatives and set the bar for the winners of 2016. Attend this diverse and exciting event to see the visions of filmmakers that were selected and commended out of the 300 films in the 2015 Official Selection.

Saturday 17:15
Sunday 16:00
York Theatre Royal (Studio)

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BAFTA Qualifying ASFF 2016 runs from 3-6 November. Find out more:

1. Shezad Dawood’s Towards the Possible Film (2015). Courtesy of the filmmaker.