Jigsaw Photography Manager, Sara Wilson, on The Directors Project

Short film, The Directors Project, was produced by filmmaker Ben Marshall for Jigsaw. The imaginative film not only promotes the brand’s beautiful Autumn/Winter collection, but also explores the process of producing a fashion shoot. Marshall documented acclaimed feature film director, Francesca Gregorini, and cinematographer Polly Morgan as they worked. The final short is creative and offers an entirely new approach to advertising. The Directors Project is screened at ASFF 2014 in the Advertising programme. We speak to Jigsaw Photography Manager, Sara Wilson, about the film and the new collection.

ASFF: The Directors Project is an advertising film you produced for your Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. Can you explain the idea behind this project?
SW: We felt a lot of the imagery we were seeing both on the high street and at designer level was all starting to merge so we decided to explore different specialisms in the creative arts which lead to this collaboration. This season we looked at the world of film and chose to work with a Feature Film Director & Director of Photography to create cinematic imagery with a narrative thread. The film takes us behind the scenes to capture the creative process & the difference between moving & still image.

ASFF: For The Directors Project you worked with director Francesca Gregorini and cinematographer Polly Morgan, why did you want to work with them?
SW: Francesca has an extremely creative mind and really thinks about everything within the frame. She was perfect for this project as her attention to detail is so prominent. Her indie drama’s fit well with Jigsaw’s effortless style & both her films and the Jigsaw brand always have an unexpected twist to them. Polly is an incredibly talented cinematographer who’s attention to light & framing gives for a perfect image. Polly and Francesca have worked together on previous films and have a very collaborative dynamic. They compliment each others strengths which we feel is evident in the this piece of work.

ASFF: Your film is due to appear in the Advertising strand at ASFF 2014; why is film a useful medium to communicate with your audience?
SW: We are so excited to be a part of this festival as film is relatively new departure for the brand. Film lets us connect with the customer in a narrative way, helping us to portray the story/ concept behind our still imagery. A lot of background work goes into our designs, production and brand concepts and we want to make sure we bring the customer on this journey – film is the most powerful way to do this.

ASFF: Can you tell us a little about your new Autumn/Winter collection?
SW: There are three themes behind this seasons collection – Berlin, Reykjavik & Left Bank. Each trend has its own unique style – Berlin is very much Jigsaw’s heartland featuring directional prints, gorgeous silks and luxe tailoring, whilst Reykjavik is more contemporary with some incredible must-have layering pieces in palest pastels & neutral tones. Left Bank is more of a casual story inspired by the daytime elegance of the Parisian woman here you’ll find those wardrobe essentials the Breton, pea jacket and boyfriend jean. Coats are a Jigsaw’s go-to and this is our strongest season to date with volume shapes and military, car coats and trenches amongst the mix. It has been incredible to work with such beautiful clothes on set as the concept is just one element to a campaign, the clothes are where it all starts, and ends.

ASFF: Are you working on any upcoming film projects?
SW: We hope to build on the film area with many more exciting plans including supporting upcoming directors, interesting educational videos and celebrating talent. Watch this space!

To shop the collection, visit www.jigsaw-online.com and to purchase tickets for ASFF, head to www.asff.co.uk.

1. Film courtesy of YouTube and Jigsaw.