Introductions to Cinema

As part of a festival-wide encouragement to bring independent film to the younger generation, Aesthetica have continued their collaboration with schools based in York for our Youth Programme alongside a new and unique experience for new parents: Cinema Bambino.

York Theatre Royal, Yorkshire Museum and Bootham School, three of our historic venues played host to our specially tailored baby screenings for parents and carers of babies from 0 months to two years old. In an effort to be all-inclusive ASFF provided a relaxed and welcoming environment for adults unable to attend regular screenings, with Drama and Comedy selected as our most popular strands.

Part of this initiative to bring film to everyone, the York Youth Vote returned for another year. Inviting local schools to Yorkshire Museum, Bootham School and City Screen, we showcased some of the best of our family friendly films in search of the best from our keen audiences.

We believe that cinema is an all-encompassing event, and responding to the unprecedented growth of technology and visual media, we encourage the students to watch, think, converse and eventually respond to the works on show, rating them in terms of narrative, and visual and emotional impact.  Out of this dynamic programme rose Peter Stanley-Ward’s Litterbugs as a clear winner for its comic effect and topical storyline. Confronting issues about personal identity, bullying and body image, this charming short captured the imaginations of the schools and sparked ideas about the definition of film.

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1. Jim Poyner (2016).