Industry Sessions: The Future of Filmmaking

Fast changes in the craft of filmmaking, presenting ideas in new and interactive ways and encompassing a myriad of diverse voices, though exciting, have become developments in the industry that are almost impossible to keep up with. Digital technologies, virtual realities and immersive experiences are past the wary days of Black Mirror-fuelled caution, and have moved into an accessible, expanding playing field which continues to catch the attention of established brands, organisations and film companies alike.

ASFF, always with an eye to the future of film in every stage of development, presents a host of forward-thinking guest speakers to shine a light on what we can expect the industry to look like moving onwards.

Immersive technology agency Somewhere Else have produced branded content for leading names such as Adidas, Resident Advisor and Budweiser. It’s Co-founder, Christophe Mallet, will be speaking at the festival (York St John, Saturday 10 November; 13:15-14:15) about the impact of virtual reality on digital storytelling and even if these new developments could mean a new wave of contemporary cinema.

In animation today, the divide between traditional animation in film and adapting to digital animation is prominent. New technologies are taking the reaches of animation past what was ever capable before, but is this necessary? The Brothers McLeod are a BAFTA-winning duo that have collaborated with Disney, Aardman Animation, and Dreamworks over their extensive career. In the masterclass Exploring Animation in a Digitised World (York St John, Saturday 10 November: 14:00-15:00), they weigh in on the debate on digital versus traditional animation, whilst discussing the processes that they use in their day to day work.

Immersive gaming is a natural partnership and has evolved past the days of the dance mat to become a sophisticated and lucrative industry. For On the Horizon: Immersive Gaming (York Theatre Royal Studio: Friday 9 November, 15:30-16:30) ASFF present the Founding Members of Sony Playstation’s VR project and Company Directors, Simon Benson and Jed Ashforth, to highlight the evolution of this new phase of games, whilst talking about what to expect from the future in terms of pushing boundaries and taking an exciting story into the realms of virtual interaction.

Tickets are now available for ASFF 2018, running 7-11 November. For more information, click here.

1. The Brothers Mcleod, Trailer for Marfa. Courtesy of Vimeo.