Industry Sessions: Direction and Distribution

Being a filmmaker in today’s industry doesn’t begin or end with simply making a film. Now more than ever, filmmakers are taking all manner of shapes, be it commercial directors, film critics and academics or actors, each lend their voices and experiences to today’s vastly diverse cinematic landscape.

ASFF is committed to bringing filmmakers from all backgrounds into the spotlight to share their insights, experiences and much sought-after advice on filmmaking and beyond, from that initial seed planted to throwing your weight behind a film’s release and finding new and innovative ways to get that film out onto screens big and small.

In 2016, Alice Lowe held the banner high for a new wave of female horror directors. Prevenge proved a critical and theatrical delight, as Lowe wrote, directed and starred in this violent, stylish film about an expectant mother whose unborn baby has a thirst for murder and forces her to act on its impulses. Lending her long-standing career in British comedy to her performance and taking her newborn baby on the film’s nationwide tour, Lowe is a notable example of a dedicated auteur with a good grip on her filmmaking currency.

In this special event (York Theatre Royal, Friday 9 November, 15:30-16:30), Lowe shares her unique journey through film, from ongoing collaborations with Ben Wheatley and Edgar Wright to writing comedy series, shorts and features, and the experience of writing, directing and starring in Prevenge over an 11-day shoot whilst heavily pregnant.

Another filmmaker whose background is heavily embedded British industry is Mark Cousins, an esteemed critic, writer and documentary and experimental film director. For his film Bigger Than The Shining, a contrast essay film that combined footage from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Nicholas Ray’s Bigger Than Life, Cousins took an axe to his only copy of the film to ensure it was never shown again. For his latest film, The Eyes Of Orson Wells, Cousins takes the sort of thorough research that he has built his filmmaking career on and presented it in an entirely new way. In his Q&A (York St John, De Grey Lecture Theatre: Friday 9 November, 13:00-14:00) Cousins discusses his extensive career as a film writer, author and director, and how to take an innovative, unconventional approach to film.

The steps following film production can be some of the most important in a film’s lifeline. In Distribution Methods: Realising The Potential Of Your Film (York Theatre Royal: Thursday 8 November, 12:30-13:30) Studiocanal, the company that has released titles such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Paddington, hosts an essential session on keeping their films a head above the rest, and what the future holds for putting films out into theatrical and digital markets and beyond.

Tickets are now available for ASFF 2018, running 7-11 November. For more information, click here.

1. Still from Prevenge.
2. Still from Sightseers.
3. Still from Stockholm, My Love.
3. Still from How to Talk to Girls at Parties.