Indie Comedy Everyone is Going To Die: In UK Cinemas 26 June

Shot over the course of 19 days in Folkestone, with sweeping shots of the British seaside and interiors using homes lent for free by locals, this indie comedy sees a man in his fifties, Ray (Rob Knighton), return to his hometown and meet a young romantic girl named Melanie (Nora Tschirner).

Ray has returned to carry out an unpleasant job, and visit his dead brother and revisit his murky, mysterious past; Melanie is having her own crisis, having fallen into the trap of putting all of her chips into idealistic romance. Moving away from common filmic conventions, neither character is particularly flawed, they are simply two people caught in difficult situations and attempting to work their way out.

Ray and Melanie’s chemistry grows as they begin to connect and help one another to find a way forward; as director Jones explains “Everyone has their own idea of what romance is. For us this comes from those poetic moments in life where for whatever reason you meet someone and you’re both in the exact right place to give the other what you need. And you share that, and it helps you both.”

Despite the film’s title, it is a comedy, focusing in a light-hearted way on the facts which we ignore at our peril – using humour to highlight serious issues which are just part of life.

Everyone is Going To Die, in UK Cinemas 26 June. For more information visit

1. Film still courtesy of Jones
2. Video courtesy of YouTube