Halloween Special: 5 To See Thrillers at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Be chilled to the bone, cling to the edge of your seat, or feel a rush of excitement at the eerie nature of films on our popular thriller strand. Returning to the Aesthetica Short Film Festival, the genre features a series of remarkable storylines that will have you swaying from anticipation to surprise and bewilderment.

Throughout history, directors have revelled in the genre’s power to invoke a visceral response – and audiences have similarly relished the thrills, scares and adrenaline rushes. This Halloween prepare yourself for the psychological, curious and strange tales that await in the ASFF 2015 thriller category.

5 to see thrillers:

  1. Jazmin Rada’s Spanish drama La Hija: Fatima wants to play, but her father is too busy. The young child uses her imagination and a special selection of balloons to create her own world.
  2. Vincent Paronnaud’s Territoire: Pierre reaches summer pastures with his dog and flock of ewes. He is afraid of the wolf, but unaware of a more savage threat: a paratrooper squad.
  3. German short The House by Floris Asche: set in an old and desolate house, a single man and his ex-wife conceal a dark and terrible secret.
  4. A Stranger Kind, Ollie Murray: in a seedy cabaret club a young girl is rescued from her fate by the hand of a bloodthirsty stranger. Featuring a score by Cats Eyes, recorded at Abbey Road.
  5. Roadkiller by Kate Cheeseman: a greedy salesman, played by Philip Davis (Notes on a Scandal, Poldark, Bleak House), kills a badger for food with terrible consequences.

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1. The House, Floris Asche.