Guest Programmes: Celebrating Innovation

ASFF has announced a stimulating guest programme to complement the contributions of the Official Selection. Included in 2017’s edition is a celebration of last year’s awards; the 2017 Winners Showcase and Panel Discussion follows a screening of the former awarded shorts and an illuminating Q&A with the visionaries that created them.

Audiences will be given the exciting opportunity to catch 2016’s overall Festival Winner, Irregulars, an evocative documentary from Fabio Palmieri. Having gone on to also win best documentary at the 27th NOFF New Orleans Film festival, the 25th Aspen short film festival and at the 2017 Cineglobe film festival in Geneva, Irregulars has now garnered a multitude of success and acclaim. Also being welcomed back are further ASFF winners from earlier years, including Dejan Mrkic, who won the Drama category with Silence and Best Dance Winner Marlene Millar’s Lay Me Low.

Continuing its exploration of archival material, the festival is commemorating WWI in partnership with the Imperial War Museum’s ongoing celebrations. The Battle of Ancre is the official record of the winter campaign on the Somme. The footage gives a detailed account of trench warfare, troop advances and the inauguration of the use of tanks. With its haunting imagery, the film promises to be an insightful and poignant survey of a pivotal moment in history.

In contrast to a selection primarily concerned with the lessons of the past, the final listed event is a platform for the prestigious Iris prize, presenting the best of contemporary LGBTQ+ Shorts. The annual award – held in Cardiff – sees 35 productions compete for £30,000 in funding for a new composition. Four of the previous eight forerunners will be screened as part of the scheduled proceedings. The films tackle the emotive presentation of love, friendship and loneliness with sincerity and originality. By showcasing both past and current visual culture ASFF 2017 provides its audience with not only a comprehensive array of genres, but a variety of cinematic techniques highlighting the possibilities of the medium.

ASFF runs from 8 to 12 November. For more information:

1. Trailer for Silence. Courtesy of Dejan Mrkic and Vimeo.