Filmmaker Insights Panels

Hear from a selection of filmmakers that make up 2021’s Official Selection. These panel discussions are the perfect place to learn more about inspirations, motivations and creative processes, covering topics such as documentary filmmaking, animation, producing on a budget and establishing your own unique style in a competitive industry.

These talks are available to stream online with a Virtual or Hybrid pass. To find out more about passes, visit:

The A–Z of Filmmaking:
Turning an Idea into a Reality

Tuesday 2 November
York Explore | 15.00-16.00

There is a saying around here; “it’s just an idea away.” However, where do these ideas come from and what does it really take to turn your idea into a film? In this session, a panel of filmmakers from this year’s Official Selection discuss individual methods and approaches towards filmmaking, from developing character and plot to bringing the bigger picture to life. They will offer practical tips for production from script to screen.

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Documentary Filmmaking:
Delivering Authenticity

Wednesday 3 November
York Explore | 15.00-16.00

When it comes to storytelling, there is nothing more compelling than a documentary. Having a bird’s eye view into the lives of others teaches, informs and connects us. How do you capture real life on screen? How do you tell someone’s else story and when is it your story to tell?  Visiting documentarians make up this panel to share their adventures in filmmaking, discussing what it takes to make a documentary film on the fly.

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Filmmaking Fundamentals:
Individuality & Originality

Thursday 4 November
York Explore | 15.00-16.00

Establishing yourself as a filmmaker takes determination and resolve. Making great films is about more than telling stories. Developing a distinctive style is key in order to connect with audiences, funders and collaborators. In this session, directors across a range of genres speak about the importance of style, individuality and originality, taking into consideration their own methods, influences and inspirations.

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Funding Models:
Accessing Finance

Friday 5 November
York Explore | 16.30-17.30

We all know that it’s tough to access funding for films and many outstanding independent productions are made on a shoestring. It’s essential to make your project stand out in front of the crowd with limited funding opportunities. Whether you are applying for screen agency funds or approaching private investors, it’s vital that a project is pitched correctly. A panel of creatives give their tips on the best routes for financing films.

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Drawing Success

Saturday 6 November
York Theatre Royal | 16.30-17.30

Animators have a level of freedom and flexibility to create works that are pure imagination. Many creatives working in animation are directing, editing, scripting writing and developing the entire project on their own. This multifaceted skillset is one that brings a lot of scope for project development. Hear from a panel of animators who will discuss their ideas, techniques, motivations and the reality of making a project.

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Independent Filmmaking:
Working to Budget

Sunday 7 November
York Explore | 11.30-12.30

Outside of major film studios and large-scale productions, filmmaking is not for the faint hearted, as budgets and crews being miniature by comparison. On an independent level, what steps can a filmmaker take to bring their story to life and at a professional standard? Directors and producers join this session to offer advice on their methods of working within a budget and managing expectations without compromising on quality.

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