Filmmaker Interviews: Olivier Perrier

Tom, a young skater, roams an outer-urban environment. Soon, he breaks into a carnival closed to the public and stop in front of a punch ball machine. After several attempts, he hits the jackpot. In ASFF’s Filmmaker Interview, Olivier Perrier expresses the human attraction to the unknown and the relationship between man and machine in his sci-fi fable, Punch It!

Olivier Perrier’s short film screens at ASFF 2019 in our Official Selection as part of Experimental 4: Just You And Me. It will be shown on Friday 8 November at Friargate Theatre (15:45-17:15) and Saturday 9 November at York St John University (21:30-23:00).

Tickets are now available for ASFF 2019, running 6-10 November. For more information, click here.

1. Courtesy of Olivier Perrier and ASFF.