Filmmaker Insights

Filmmaker Insights Panel Discussions

ASFF celebrates 10 years of outstanding filmmaking talent in 2020, providing a vital platform for conversations about the craft. Our intimate Filmmaker Insights panels offer a soapbox to creatives from the Official Selection to speak about cinema.

Covering a range of topics, from Establishing Your Unique Style to Presenting the Facts to Financing Your Film, Filmmaker Insights are essential for discovering new work, fresh perspectives and to learn from creative peers.

Filmmaker Insights run daily on ASFF’s live Industry Channels between 3-8 November. Live industry events are free with a festival pass and available on-demand until 30 November.

Original Viewpoints:
Establishing Your Unique Style

Tuesday 3 November | 12.30
Industry Channel 1

Directing is about far more than telling stories. Audiences demand fresh ideas delivered in unique and inspiring ways. For filmmakers, developing a distinctive and individual style is fundamental in connecting with audiences and funders. Directors from our Official Selection discuss the importance and essence of directorial flare.

Animated Dreams:
Challenging Perspectives

Wednesday 4 November | 12.30
Industry Channel 1

Animation is a form that truly allows the creator to become an explorer, limited only by their own imagination. It’s a form that doesn’t restrict storytelling, opening us up to entirely new viewpoints, whether fantasised or rooted in reality. Join a panel of bold animators as they explore technique, inspiration and motivation.

Cinema for Change:
Making Films with Impact

Thursday 5 November | 12.30
Industry Channel 1

Cinema is a powerful tool. Filmmakers are playing a crucial role in today’s changing world. They are visionaries who are calling for action to change how we live, addressing the climate crisis, human rights issues and global inequalities. In this vital discussion, filmmakers discuss the importance of film in bringing about positive change.

Funding Models:
Financing Your Film

Friday 6 November | 12.00
Industry Channel 2

Financing a film is tricky. Filmmakers face a constant battle to get their work made. Whether you’re applying to screen agencies or investors, it’s crucial that your vision is portrayed clearly and effectively in the process. Join ambitious filmmakers as they discuss applying for funds and working with, rather than against, budgets.

Presenting the Facts:
Documentary Filmmaking

Saturday 7 November | 12.30
Industry Channel 1

What are the challenges of capturing real life stories? Documentary filmmaking, especially in the short form, is the process of condensing countless hours of footage into a succinct story. Join a panel of documentarians as they explore ethics and truth telling in a genre that is becoming ever more cinematic, and influenced by the narrative form.

From Idea to Reality:
Bringing a Vision to Life

Sunday 8 November | 12.00
Industry Channel 2

A great idea is just the first step in the filmmaking process. What does it really take to realise a vision on the big screen? Bringing a wealth of experience, filmmakers, animators and documentarians explore the processes of idea generation, development and production, considering individual approaches to the art of filmmaking.