Filmmaker Insights Panel Discussions

Our Morning Coffee Panels are the perfect way to start the day. These intimate Q&A sessions are the perfect opportunity to meet the ASFF Official Selection and gain insight into their practice through topics affecting all filmmakers today. From The A-Z of Filmmaking to Working Within a Budget, the themes for these events are by practitioners, for practitioners – touching upon some of the more intricate and personalised aspects of filmmaking.

All sessions run at York Theatre Royal, with visiting delegates and film aficionados offering up their industry knowledge, sharing ideas over a cup of coffee.

Bringing an Idea to Life:
The A–Z of Filmmaking

Wednesday 6 November | 11:00-12:00
York Theatre Royal

All great films start with an idea. From here onwards, there’s a multitude of processes to consider across direction and production to cinematography. What does it take to realise your vision on the big screen? In this engaging session, a panel of filmmakers from ASFF’s 2019 Official Selection examine their individual approaches from developing compelling plots and dialogues to bringing the bigger picture to life. Each panellist will look at the fine tunings of production, offering advice on the journey from story to screen.

Documentary Filmmaking:
Capturing Authenticity

Thursday 7 November | 11:00-12:00
York Theatre Royal

Truth is often stranger than fiction. Documentary filmmaking is rife with sometime unbelievable scenarios and thought-provoking narratives. How do you capture reality on screen? What makes the ideal subject and how do you approach it effectively and accurately? Visiting filmmakers share their adventures, exploring what it takes to make a successful documentary. In this relaxed discussion, they will offer practical advice on how to navigate captivating themes and shoot unrehearsed footage with spontaneity.

Filmmaking Fundamentals:
Style, Individuality & Originality

Friday 8 November | 11:00-12:00
York Theatre Royal

Establishing yourself as a filmmaker takes determination and perseverance. It’s about more than telling stories or creating that one great shot. Developing a distinctive style is fundamental to connecting with audiences, funders and potential collaborators. In this session, directors from a number of disciplines tackle the importance of style, individuality and originality, taking into consideration their own methods, influences and inspirations. They will summarise upon how they’ve developed their vision.

Funding Models:
How to Finance Your Film

Saturday 9 November | 11:00-12:00
York Theatre Royal

With so many filmmakers battling for limited funding opportunities, making your project stand out above the crowd is crucial for budgeting and getting the money you need to move forwards. Whether you’re applying for screen agency funds or approaching private investors, it’s vital that a project is pitched quickly, correctly and efficiently, without unnecessary detail. Sharing their varied experiences from the industry – including success stories – a panel of creatives offer tips for pursuing financiers in the 21st century.

Independent Filmmaking:
Working Within Your Budget

Sunday 10 November | 11:00-12:00
York Theatre Royal

Filmmaking is a complex business. However, the rules are quite often the same whether the production is large- or small-scale. On an independent level, what steps can filmmakers take to bring their story to life, whilst maintaining a professional and high-quality standard? Attending directors and producers discuss their methods of working within a tight budget, managing expectations without compromising on quality and reaching a final cut that’s ready to be submitted into the festival circuit.

Filmmaker Insights Panelists

Alexandra Brodski

Director Rooftop Refugee

Alex is a London-based Russian-German filmmaker and recent NFTS graduate. She is developing projects in the UK, Germany and Russia. In 2018 Alex was picked as one of eight international directors to participate in the Les Arcs Festival Talent Lab, where she worked on her feature ‘Beyonce, Almighty’ under the patronage of Thomas Vinterberg.

Charby Ibrahim

Director Bright Lights

Charby is passionate about social impact films with a creative twist. His recent hybrid, ‘The Holiday Inn-Side’ wiggled its way onto the long-list for the 2020 Oscars, while ‘Bright Lights’ will soon launch on The Guardian Documentaries. Charby is currently making a feature doc, ‘Life After Juvie’, about kids locked-up.

Chloe White

Director The Last Taboo

Chloe White is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer and director of Whalebone Films based in Hastings and London, with frequent travels around the world to collect stories and images. Her films are intimate, considered portraits, focusing mainly on the female experience.

Chris Thomas

Director Let’s Roll

Chris Thomas is a writer/director living in East London. He is known mostly for his character-focused emotive tales and often sub-culture themes. Chris has directed a number of commercials for clients such as the BBC, BT Sport and the Marine Conservation Society. Chris is currently working towards his first feature film.

Howard Vause

Director The Curious Child

Howard is a prolific filmmaker, animator, illustrator, musician and performer. His distinctive films bring together the beautiful and the grotesque; playful live action/animation hybrids telling layered, socially aware tales. Commissioned works include award-winning theatrical multimedia, VideoPoetry and collaborations with education, activism and community organisations.

Iain Cunningham

Director Irene’s Ghost

Iain Cunningham has worked mostly in television documentary. Irene’s Ghost is Iain‘s first feature documentary, following his search for information about his Mother. BIFA-nominated Irene’s Ghost was named in the Guardian’s list of best films of 2019. Iain is now developing drama and documentary through his company forward slash films.

Iggy LDN

Director Velvet

Iggy (also known as Iggy Ldn) is a British artist, filmmaker and writer. He is known for creating powerful and experimental films that tell stories about the current socio-political landscape and that are both beautiful and tragic.

Louisa Rechenbach

Director They

Louisa Rechenbach is a documentary filmmaker based in London. She graduated from the University of the Arts London in June 2019 with a BA in Film and Television. Most recently, Louisa worked as a Camera Assistant on the short documentary ‘After Birth’ by Bronwen Parker-Rhodes for The New York Times.

Magali Barbe

Director This Time Away

Magali has written, produced and directed her first short film ‘Strange Beasts’ in 2017. It has been selected in 30+ international festivals, won a few awards and earned her representation from UTA and Zero Gravity. She has completed her second short film ‘This Time Away’ in 2019 and is currently writing her first feature script.

Tiago Teixeira

Director Dog Skin

Tiago Teixeira’s short films have been in several festivals in the UK and abroad, including the London Short Film Festival, Go Short and Frightfest. He is also a Screenwriter in the HBO supernatural drama “The Hypnotist”. Tiago is currently developing his short film “Dog Skin” into a feature.

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