Filmmaker Insights Panel Discussions

Filmmaker Insights Panels are the perfect way to start the day. These intimate Q&A sessions are the perfect opportunity to meet the ASFF Official Selection and gain insight into their practice through topics affecting all filmmakers today. From The A-Z of Filmmaking to Working Within a Budget, the themes for these events are by practitioners, for practitioners – touching upon some of the more intricate and personalised aspects of filmmaking.

All sessions run at Pitcher & Piano, with visiting delegates and film aficionados offering up their industry knowledge, sharing ideas over a cup of coffee.

Transforming the Film Landscape:
Capturing the world in 360°

Cinema is transformative; it’s a way for us as an audience to witness the world through someone else’s eyes. With the arrival of 360° film, how does this change our viewing experience? What are the advantages of a truly immersive story as well as the challenges of creating completely enveloping environment? Pioneers in VR discuss the power, limitations and potential of working with new technologies.

Funding Models:
Financing Your Film

Financing a film is difficult. With such limited funding available for creative practices, filmmakers face a constant battle to get their work made. Whether applying for screen agency funding or approaching investors, it’s vital that you vision is portrayed clearly and effectively. Join a panel of filmmakers, success stories in ambitious funded films as well as no-budget masterpieces, as they discuss the trials of filmmaking, applying for funds and working within a budget.

Original Viewpoints:
Establishing Your Unique Style

Directing is a bout far more than telling stories. Audiences demand fresh ideas delivered in unique and inspiring ways. For filmmakers, developing a distinctive and individual styles is fundamental in connecting with audiences, funders and collaborators. Director’s from our Official Selection discuss the importance and essence of directorial flare.

Animated Dreams:
Challenging Perspectives

Animation is a form that truly allows the creator to become an explorer, limited only by their own imagination. It’s a form that doesn’t restrict storytelling, its flexibility opening us up to entirely new viewpoints, whether fantasised or reality. Join a panel of bold animators as they explore technique, inspiration and motivation.

Presenting the Facts:
Documentary Filmmaking

What are the challenges of capturing real life? Documentary filmmaking, especially in the short form, is the process of condensing hours and hours of footage into a succinct story. What questions does this raise about ethics and truth telling in a genre that becomes ever more cinematic and influenced by the narrative form. A panel of documentarians discuss their role as filmmakers and the process behind this art form.

From Idea to Reality:
Bringing a Vision to Life

A great idea is just the first step in the filmmaking process. What does it really take to realise a vision on the big screen? Bringing a wealth of experience, filmmakers, animators and documentarians explore the process of idea generation, development and production, considering individual approaches to the art of filmmaking.

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