Film Review: Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next, Dogwoof Pictures

Whatever happened to the concept of the American Dream? That’s the ques­tion posed by Michael Moore as he drops in on countries in Europe and North Africa to investigate education, workplace practices and crime control with the notion of taking the best ideas back home to the USA. This latest documentary is a gently mocking, cacoph­onously subversive, and hopelessly idealistic cry for tolerance, equality and the fantasy of utopia.

Of course it’s subjective and an exercise in overt finger-pointing. The target is America, the Land of the Free that (as Moore and his interviewees see it) is slowly sliding backwards into isolationism, conservatism and rampant fear-mongering. Yet in the wide-eyed shock at foreigners basking in good jobs, free education, healthy diets and incorruptible banking is evidence of progression, respect and humanity. And as one man points out, the ideas originally came from the United States.

“Love thy neighbour” appears to be the simplistic but heartfelt message of Moore’s film. Be bigger, be better, be stronger. Greed is not good.

Tony Earnshaw

Where to Invade Next is out for home entertainment release now, courtesy of Dogwoof pictures.

1. Still from Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next. Courtesy of Dogwoof Pictures.