Film for All

This year’s Official Selection Film Programme includes three superb selections of Family Friendly films, suitable for younger viewers, as well as adults and carers alike.

Film is for everyone. Although designed for youngsters, these projects touch upon a breadth of emotions and offer layers of meaning for adults and carers alike, featuring animations, comedies, and age-appropriate dramas. Suitable for children aged 4-12 years old, the films in these three reels encourage you to create lasting memories with your loved ones and immerse the whole family. They also strive to spark an interest in storytelling from a young age.

In Just the Two Of Us, our first selection of family friendly shorts from around the world, we explore the connections between people: bonds of family, friendship or care, which are sometimes strong, and sometimes tested. But it’s through these connections that we can find common ground, support and our humanity. In Soft Creatures, we witness a surprising visitation in a school yard, then discover the links between past and present in Two Sands. In Dalia, a difficult decision needs to be taken on an Icelandic farm, and lastly we uncover the mystery of sleepwalking in Little Bear.

In Small Wonders, we traverse the globe to discover new experiences and maybe along the way, learn a thing or two about ourselves and others. Young people begin to find themselves and their way in the world, however fantastical, funny, sad, or difficult the journey. In I am a Pebble, stones become otters, whilst in Birds of Passage there is flight of another kind. We endure growing pains in Death & Deathability, make discoveries of a lunar nature in The Moon and Me, and finally, embark on a journey with an imaginary friend.

Our third reel, Imagination, Imagination, Imagination, introduces viewers to the wonderful world of animation. A range of styles depict all the fantastic possibilities for this enthralling genre, from Fishwitch, transporting us into a stop-motion aquatic fairytale, to the hand-animated The Amazing Adventures of Awesome, which focuses on an autistic girl at the heart of a quiet revolution.

The dialogue-free Corky is a perfect visual expression of acceptance, as a corkscrew battles with a giant glass bottle, while The Penguin Who Couldn’t Swim tells the heart-melting tale of a disabled penguin living alone. The Most Magnificent Thing sees a girl and her dog exploring the world around them. Stick also features a canine, one who finds connection with a friendly stranger on the beach.

The 2021 Aesthetica Short Film Festival runs from 2-30 November. In-person, virtual and hybrid tickets available now. Passes start from £25. For further details, visit: