February Previews: Netflix and Amazon

Better Call Saul Season 5 (Netflix)

After the recent Breaking Bad postscript, the excellent El Camino, which followed the fate of Jesse Pinkman, it’s time once again to turn our attention back to Saul Goodman, the show’s scurrilous lawyer. If you’ve followed this prequel series, you will know that it carefully traces the path of the well-meaning but luckless legal eagle Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk, just a joy to watch) as he transforms into the morally bankrupt Goodman. With Jimmy having spent time troubled by the death of his brother, this penultimate season accelerates that arc with devastating results.

Altered Carbon Season 2 (Netflix)

Two years after its inaugural season on Netflix, Laeta Kalogridis’ sci-fi show – inspired by the 2002 novel by Richard K. Morgan – returns for a second run. Set three hundred years in the future, in a world where consciousness can be transferred into different bodies, or “sleeves”, that allows for a major casting change. So out goes Joel Kinnaman, who played a cop inhabited by soldier-turned-investigator Takeshi Kovacs. And in comes Avengers star Anthony Mackie for Series 2, although further plot details are under lock down in what promises to be one of the platform’s must-see shows of the spring.

Hunters (Amazon Prime)

This sounds like pulp sci-fi from the title, but actually this show – created by former actor David Weil – deals with Nazi hunters living in New York in 1977 as they track down perpetrators in hiding. Executive produced by Jordan Peele, the big draw is Al Pacino, in his first major role since The Irishman. Co-starring Dylan Baker and Logan Lerman, Pacino has already dubbed it a twelve-hour movie and there’s something quite enticing about seeing the veteran star in long-form television. Expect cartoon violence and Pacino at top decibel.

Outlander Season 5 (Amazon Prime)

Inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s historical time-travel novels, Outlander is back for a fifth season (and, rest assured, Starz has already renewed the show for a sixth). Based on the book The Fiery Cross – also the name of the first episode of S5 – this season begins with time-travelling couple Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) getting hitched in 18th-century North Carolina. Given the gruesome elements that have gone before it (Brianna was raped in the last season, if you recall), don’t necessarily expect a happy-ever-after storyline.

All shows available from February 2020 onwards.

James Mottram