February Previews:
Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

News of the World (Netflix)

Paul Greengrass, director of three Jason Bourne movies and hard-hitting dramas like Bloody Sunday and United 93, turns to the western with this adaptation of Paulette Jiles’ 2016 novel. Tom Hanks plays Captain Jefferson Kidd, a former soldier in the American Civil War who is charged with returning a kidnapped girl (System Crasher’s Helena Zengel) back to her family. It’s a classical western in all the best senses of the word – slow-burning, impressive vistas and a moral complexity. It deserves to be seen on the silver screen, of course, so watch it on the biggest TV you can find.

Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

This months’ bingeable Netflix psychological thriller comes in the shape of this adaptation of the 2017 novel by Sarah Pinborough. Behind the show is Steve Lightfoot, who previous was a writer on Hannibal. Simona Brown plays Louise, a single mother who begins an affair with her boss David (Tom Bateman) and, bizarrely, a friendship with his wife Adele (Eve Hewson). With all six episodes directed by Erik Richter Strand, this has juicy pulp fiction written all over it. Just the sort of ‘must watch the next one’ show we need right now.

Soulmates (Amazon Prime)

A six-part anthology drama with a real unique twist, Soulmates is set fifteen years in the future. It doesn’t look so different, although the tech looks invariably slicker – almost hologrammatic. The real twist is that a scientist has discovered a way to match anyone to their ideal partner. A test is offered. You can either take it or not, which, invariably, causes havoc in relationships. The first episode stars Sarah Snook and Britain’s Kingsley Ben-Adir as a married couple who are immediately undone by this Pandora’s Box. Very thought-provoking indeed.

The Family Man (Amazon Prime)

One of the real plus-points about streaming is just how global it gets, not just in its reach but in content too. The Family Man is a prime example. This award-winning Indian action-thriller is not the kind of show often picked up by the terrestrial networks but played on Amazon in 2019. Already a huge hit in its native India, now comes the second 10-episode run of this highly rated Hindi extravaganza, as Manoj Bajpayee returns as the heroic Srikant Tiwari. This second season sees him pitted against a new nemesis, Raji, played by Samantha Akkineni.

All shows available from February 2021 onwards.

James Mottram