Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Cinema For Little Ones

Film is for everyone. Although designed for youngsters, these projects touch upon a breadth of emotions and offer layers of meaning for adults and carers alike, featuring animations, comedies and age-appropriate dramas. Create lasting memories with your loved ones and immerse the whole family. Sign up, log on and connect to a hub of brilliant stories. Suitable for children aged 4-12 years old.

Someone Else’s Shoes

Family Friendly 1

  • The Amazing Adventures of Awesome
  • Dela
  • Mall
  • The World I See
  • Talia
  • Not a Wall Flower

Fantastical Tales

Family Friendly 2

  • Toto
  • The Witch & The Baby
  • The Snow Maze
  • Dear Mr Burton
  • A Home For Curiosities

Friends & Relationships

Family Friendly 3

  • Beyond The Line
  • Chums
  • From Artists to Artists
  • Tobi And The Turbobus
  • Crunch
  • Master Moley By Royal Appointment