Exhibition On Screen Presents Goya: Visions Of Flesh And Blood. In Cinemas

The third season from Exhibition On Screen launches with a feature-length documentary film, based on the landmark exhibition Goya: The Portraits at The National Gallery.

Continuing their mission to bring the experience of blockbuster art exhibitions from around the world to cinema audiences, the dramatic life and extraordinary artistry of Francisco Goya now comes to the big screen for the first time, and viewers can enjoy a front row seat, guided by lead curator Xavier Bray.

As well as providing unrestricted access to the London exhibition, the film builds a compelling portrait of the artist himself through insights from international experts, considers masterpieces from renowned collections and visits the locations in which Spain’s most celebrated artist lived and worked. The exhibition presents 70 of outstanding works by Goya from public and private collections around the world, including paintings, drawings, and miniatures which have never before been shown in London.

Exhibition On Screen was launched in 2012 in response to the increasing demand for high quality, in-depth arts programming. The brand’s debut release, Leonardo from the National Gallery, London was seen by over 120,000 people in its initial run.

Filmed in high definition, their latest film reveals Goya’s gifts as a portraitist and social commentator. Behind-the-scenes footage uncovers the processes of conservation and curation integral to staging a show of this significance. The film allows those unable to attend the exhibition to appreciate Goya’s art in their local cinema. Equally, it serves to complement and enhance a gallery visit, immersing the viewer in the artwork up close, analysing works not included in the exhibition and providing illuminating historical and critical context.

Striking and often unforgiving, Goya’s portraits demonstrate his daringly unconventional approach and remarkable skill at capturing the psychology of his sitters. Goya: The Portraits traces the artist’s development from his first commissions to more intimate later works painted during his “self-imposed exile” in France in the 1820s – a career that spanned revolution and restoration, war with France, and the cultural upheaval of the Spanish Enlightenment. A boundary-breaker, and highly regarded by Delacroix, Degas, Manet and Picasso, Goya remains one of Spain’s most celebrated painters, and this film enhances the exhibition’s success in revealing the story of Goya the portraitist.

Watch the trailer here.

Goya – Visions Of Flesh And Blood; Exhibition On Screen; in UK cinemas now, international release 9 February. For more information visit www.exhibitiononscreen.com/en-uk/home

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