Edinburgh Short Film Festival, 6 – 21 June

This year’s Edinburgh Short Film Festival (ESFF) will showcase 26 UK Premieres, 14 award winners and a selection of short films from the Middle East and Asia along with UK and Scottish-made films.

Spread over 7 nights at venues across Edinburgh, running from 6 to 21 June, the festival’s diversity encompasses everything from Australian Drama to Caribbean Romance, Italian Comedy to French sci-fi as well as some outstanding films from across Scotland and the British isles.

ESFF is also holding a night curated by the festival’s Shanghai-based partner organisation, KanKan Media, which showcases some of the international and Asian short films that were exhibited at KanKan-curated film events in Shanghai. A special screening of the feature-length documentary Reels on Wheels follows the short-film London Cultural Olympics Odyssey, part of the Hansel of Film project.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival, 6 – 21 June, venues across Edinburgh. For more information visit www.edinburghshortfilmfestival.co.uk.

1. Davide Pompeo, Il Confessionale. Courtesy of the Director and ESFF.

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