Rodrigo Gutierrez

The Association of Camera Operators

I started working in the film industry in the late 1970’s as a trainee Sound Assistant. I quickly discovered that my career would take me behind the camera and thus, began my working life as a freelance camera technician.

In the heyday of UK documentaries, I embarked upon all avenues of filmmaking, cinema, television dramas, commercials and music videos.

After 10 years hard work, I became a Camera Operator, and have worked on a number of big production feature films, home and abroad. Some of my credits include “A” Camera, 2nd Unit on Jack the Giant Slayer, and Pan, and “A” Camera Main Unit on the BAFTA nominated film Quartet.

Off set, I run workshops for the main film schools in the UK and I am one of the founding members of the Association of Camera Operators (ACO) and it’s first ever Chairman.