Nicci Topping

Casting Director, Topps Casting

Nicci Topping is a very unique woman. One who was always bound to help make magic in the entertainment, advertising , film and all associated creative industries. You certainly know when you’ve met her. The ambition, the wit, the humour – the wise observations. The kindness. The unforgettable presence.

It really is no surprise she is where she is today – years ago, even as a child from her bedroom in a terraced house in Huddersfield Yorkshire, she’d watch plays on TV and wonder who found the talent that created the shows. She wasn’t the type who dress up Barbie up in a ballgown to send her out to meet Ken – instead she’d dress the iconic doll and then cast her for a major production! Some things, as they say, are meant to be.

As a young girl she landed a job as an assistant and worked on her first TV advert. That was it – within six months she was living mostly in London as a Casting Director. Of course Nicci also operates from where she came from. The North, namely Manchester, Leeds and Huddersfield.

There is a kind of intuition. You’ll see it. Even at the start of her career, genius was often spotted that nobody else had seen in the room. The industry heard about it – and Topps Casting was born. Award nominations and literally hundreds of superstar placings later – Topps is now a premier company in the UK – a trusted favourite for agencies, advertisers, TV , production companies, Theatre and film. All who need the right kind of talent in the right role. Now.

The story of the girl from Huddersfield could actually read like a film of her own, (although she’d be too humble to admit it) having also changed the lives of many an aspiring actor or model over the years. What’s next for Nicci and the people who call her number? Keep checking in. Whatever it is… it won’t be small.