Jannicke Mikkelsen

Director and Cinematographer

Jannicke Mikkelsen is an award-winning Film Director & Cinematographer FNF specialised in high-tech film production in hazardous environments. She is internationally known for her innovative work with wildlife filmmaker David Attenborough, legendary rock band QUEEN, Apollo11 50th Anniversary installation for NASA KSCVC, and Mission Payload Specialist Crew onboard the 2019 World Record flight ‘One More Orbit’ polar circumnavigating the Planet. Mikkelsen’s ground breaking film work awarded her the first ever European Society of Cinematographers Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement, in 2017 she was named Norway’s most influential woman in tech, in 2019 one of UK’s most influential women in tech and in 2019 she became the first ever woman to circumnavigate the planet over the North and South Pole.