Alice Lowe

Actress and Writer

Alice Lowe is an actress and writer, known for her roles in dark comedies including Sightseers, Locke, and Hot Fuzz. Working across the fields of TV, live comedy and film, she has appeared in Garth Marenghi’s FrightKnight and Netherhead at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000 and 2001.

Following a Perrier Award win, Lowe was commissioned for a Channel 4 cult series Darkplace, in which she played Liz Asher / Madeleine Wool. Her other TV appearances include Monkey inThe Mighty Boosh and cameos in comedies such as Little Britain, The IT Crowd and Black Books. Alice often collaborates with director Jacqueline Wright, and in 2005 she wrote and starred in a short film, Stiffy, which was one of the winners of Straight 8. She also featured in ASFF’s Comedy Award Winner in 2014: Girl Power by Benjamin Bee.