Sam Pinney

VR Screenwriter

Sam’s credits include being the screenwriter for a Virtual Reality Experience for Ridley Scott Associates / The Viking Planet. This is an 8 minute historical action film of a Viking raid. It is the main attraction at The Viking Planet museum in Oslo, Norway.

The film follows a crew of Vikings as they hunt for a village to attack. The film was the first scripted Virtual Reality film to use volumetric capture (Using real actors in a virtual environment). The project was full of interesting challenges due to advantages and problems of VR. It also involved a lot of conversations about authentic beards.

Sam has several other VR properties in development and well as old fashioned flat films.

Before he stumbled in to screenwriting he was a journalist for over a decade writing about a range of things (including VR). Among others he’s worked for heat magazine, Motorcycle News, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Private Eye.
He’s had his jokes quoted in the Times and also been given awards by Twitter his comedy tweets. In 2016 he rode a classic motorcycle across the Himalayas for Shortlist magazine.