Dance: Celebrate Performance

Our dance films look towards the beauty of nuanced movement and bodily expression. Bursting with energy and a range of conceptual and visual ideas, these films carve a new language through the unlimited possibilities of choreography.

Be witness to the results of creative partnerships and join an exciting arena for interdisciplinary collaboration. This year’s selection includes new interpretations of dance as a medium through which to communicate; each film provides a bold, uninhibited explosion of visual forms.

Nine dancers and singers travel across along parched roads and moonlit fields to find refuge in an abandoned place of worship. Through a complex series of Turkish usul patterns designed to ignite emotional states of journey and light, the group finds connection and solace in the sheltered space. Marline Millar, winner of the Dance category at ASFF 2016, returns to the festival in 2017 with Pilgrimage.

ASFF runs 8-12 November. For more information or to book tickets:

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1. Trailer for Marline Millar’s Pilgrimage.