Curated Programmes

To help visitors to ASFF navigate the hundreds of short films on offer, the festival is curated by genre, with each screening featuring a selection of shorts in that category. ASFF’s selection demonstrates that genre is far from a limitation, but is instead a challenge to reinvent conventions and familiar narrative tropes – a challenge that all our filmmakers have risen to in expanding the boundaries of their chosen genres. Here, we discover that even the most commercially-driven fields can invite the most imaginative thinking.

The categories are Advertising, Animation, Artists’ Film, Comedy, Dance, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Family Friendly, Fashion, Music Video and Thriller. Each has a related award, and all winners will be announced at the festival’s closing awards ceremony.


Our filmmakers respond to the aesthetic and emotive challenges of a commercial brief and a careful focus on a target audience, showing an intimate understanding of contemporary culture in order to achieve this. Polished visuals bring viewers into an arena where originality is essential.


From stop-motion to illusion and computer rendering, this genre revels in the liberation of creativity – making use of the latest technology and the most traditional methods to create characters, tell timeless stories and create worlds that have never been seen before.

Artists’ Film

Abstract, creative and deeply original, this genre sees film liberated from the notion of narrative, looking to new techniques and led by aesthetic expression. Each reel is packed with original ideas that tread new paths towards visual storytelling.


Comedy creates community through shared laughter. Our filmmakers draw upon situations ranging from the familiar experiences of everyday life, to the blackest of moments, to show the range of this genre and the myriad dramatic techniques available for bringing humour to the screen.


Bursting with energy and a range of conceptual and visual ideas, these films carve a new language of performance through the unlimited possibilities of choreography, and a celebration of the beauty of movement.


From global politics to local communities, here you will find emotive, responsive and hard-hitting representations of life. Diverse angles and untold stories show the power of film to bring about a deeper understanding of the world and leave audiences asking more questions than when they arrive.


From grief and frustration, to desire and hope, all areas of human life are tackled through a range of powerful narratives. The situations and stories presented in these short, climactic and often cathartic films are sure to become entangled with audiences’ own personal experiences.


This is a genre that rejects genre itself, along with the other conventions of filmmaking. Be carried away by awe-inspiring visuals, transforming the cinema into a multi-layered universe and exploring the new possibilities of the medium.

Family Friendly

Bringing film to everyone is key to ASFF, and these screenings are curated for children and adults alike to share the cinema experience together. Featuring animation and live action works, you will find touching narratives and vibrant production sure to resonate with youthful imaginations. Suitable for children aged four-12 years old.


Fashion film is increasingly at the forefront of experimentation and collaboration. Each of these shorts looks at 21st century trends and the creation of new aesthetics. A self-aware genre, these films in themselves raise questions around the relationship of advertising and branded content to artistic creativity.

Music Video

Choreography, set design, narrative and the power of music come together in these fast paced shorts. These stylistically complex films illustrate collaboration in action as filmmakers respond to the rhythms and lyrical imagery in unique and unexpected ways in this highly competitive, commercial and creative field.


Plunge into the darker sides of humanity. This ever-popular strand showcases some of the most timeless elements of filmmaking, with twisting narratives and unexpected situations that raise the pulse and subtly engage and manipulate the emotions and expectations of the audience.

ASFF runs 8-12 November. For more information or to book tickets:

1. Still from The Fermi Paradox.