Creative Storytelling at ASFF

Now in its 9thyear, the  Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019 (6-10 November) is a champion of progressive and inclusive cinema. ASFF poses large questions about the future of creative storytelling, including screening interdisciplinary works that blur the lines between art, technology and film.

ASFF prides itself on exploring creative ideas with our masterclass series. As the longstanding producer for Oscar and Turner Prize Award-winning artist Steve McQueenPinky Ghundale has put to film stories from WWII to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Sharing wisdom on how to use the medium of film to portray societal injustice and anxieties, Ghundale is joined by Turner Prize nominees Jane & Louise Wilson, who were also shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2019. The panel discusses the importance of film as a mechanism to understanding our world. 

Returning for 2019 is the Screen School VR Lab, in partnership with the London College of Communication (LCC). Celebrating innovative forms of storytelling, the Screen School VR Lab hosts 360 Film Screenings and panels with those taking Virtual Reality technology into uncharted territory.

Topics of discussion include: 

  • The Art of VR Storytelling
  • The Future of Documentary
  • Immersive Sound Techniques
  • Making a 360 Film
  • The Ethics of Fictional Environments
  • The Potential of VR

The Artists’ Film Screenings flip the lens on natural structures and showcases unconventional narratives. Past Artists’ Film Screenings welcomed Noemi Varga, Aesthetica Art Prize finalist and winner of the Best Experimental Film as ASFF 2017, and Avatar VFX compositor Adam Azmy, whose ASFF 2018 screening Murmurs of a Macrocosm used NASA recordings from the famous Apollo missions to present microscopic landscapes. 

ASFF runs 6-10 November. For more information, click here. Connect with the Aesthetica Short Film Festival on social media: Twitter @asffest |  Facebook @aestheticashortfilmfest| Instagram @asffestival

1. Noemi Varga, still from
The Happiest Barrack.