Creative Connections

Following the objective of generating a platform for talent development, the Aesthetica Short Film Festival has invited the public to join this year’s Official Selection to discuss all things film. The 2017 Coffee Morning programme offers an intimate and comfortable setting for filmmakers and aficionados alike to meet and inspire one another. From 8 to 12 November, a panel gathers daily at the City Screen basement to cover everything from the fundamentals of funding, to flourishing at festivals and the journey from script to screen.

Essential to any conversation about the current climate of cinema is an exploration of technological advancements occurring within the industry. With this in mind, a highlight of the week is New Platforms in Film, which offers an unprecedented view into the digitalised future of productions. The festival proves itself to be at the forefront of independent cinema by presenting the opportunity to hear insightful accounts of online distribution and the inauguration of virtual reality. As such, other topics include Understanding the Process: From Script to Screen, Navigating the Festival Landscape: New Opportunities and Discussing Methods of Funding: Top Tips from Filmmakers.

Each unique event invites both emerging and established practitioners to openly discuss how they developed their own stylistic vision, investigating wider inspirations and influence through a network of original voices. ASFF allows its public to follow the full progression of those at the heart of contemporary filmmaking, unveiling not just the individual practices  work, but the context of their creative voyage.

8-12 November, Daily. 10:00-11:00. For more information:

1. 2016 Coffee Mornings, According to McGee Art Gallery. Courtesy of Jim Poyner.