Covert Operations

Covert Operations

The hugely popular Secret Cinema is back with another London extravaganza. This time it’s Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi Blade Runner, although purists will be happy to know it’s the director’s preferred 2007 version, known as “The Final Cut”. For those who have yet to experience Secret Cinema, it’s a live interactive event, inspired by the chosen film. You’ll enter a world akin to Blade Runner, interact with characters and, eventually, watch the movie (by which point you’ll likely be ready for a sit down).

Already, the company has staged ambitious events with crowd favourites like The Empire Strikes Back and Back to the Future. The ticket prices are from £45 for the basic entry fee, and those who wish can pay more for the “Phoenix” ticket (which will allow you entry to some additional rooms) and if you’re feeling flush, the “Black Galaxy” package, which includes reserved seating, VIP areas and meal and drinks vouchers.

Once you’ve selected your ticket and bought online, you’ll be sent an e-mail with a link from “The Utopia Group” and a password to a secret website with all the information you’ll need. This includes housekeeping – location, tube map and so on – plus all the fun stuff; things like your identity throughout the experience, the clothes and props you’ll need to bring, as well as who you must report to upon arrival and which “sector” you enter.

Your “identity” could be a detective, an entertainer, technician or industrialist, among others, and you’ll be expected to dress accordingly. For those who hate the hassle of fancy dress, you can always visit the Secret Cinema online store. Required props, allowing access to certain areas of the world, include things like goggles, identity papers, transparent umbrella or even just a plain old notebook and pen. The best advice: make an effort. You’ll enjoy the experience much more.

You’re advised to “check meteorological forecasts before heading downtown” which could well mean you’re outside for the experience. Or maybe you’ll be in a warehouse with an industrial sprinkler system. After all, this is meant to be Los Angeles in 2019, when it rains (tears) constantly. There’s even a Vangelis-themed after-party for those who want to stay around after the show ends around 11pm. And remember, whatever you see that night, keep it a secret.

Secret Cinema Blade Runner runs until 8 July. Find out more here.

James Mottram

1. Still from Blade Runner, 1982.