Comedy Winner 2017

Raimo’s comfy middle class bubble is burst when a satan worshipping cult moves in next door. Teemu Niukkanen’s Fucking Bunnies is a slick portrayal of everyday life and the inconvenience of neighbours, and winner of the Comedy genre at ASFF 2017.

Director Teemu Niukkanen & Writer Antti Toivonen state: “First and foremost, we’d like to thank Aesthetica Short Film Festival Festival, the jury and Satan for this prize. As comedy filmmakers, getting recognised for the funny bits is the greatest honour. Many people say that making comedy is hard. We’ve never understood that – it’s the only thing we can do and we are glad it’s working out. We are happy to leave the other genres to those better wired for them.

Having said that, to us comedy is the highest form of art. It’s a great mirror for our retarded world. It can be simultaneously stupid and insightful – those things are not mutually exclusive, quite the opposite. That’s the sweet spot: embracing all things lowbrow while tickling the more cerebral audience. That’s the recipe of our work: a serious topic like xenophobia put through an extra stupid filter. So thank you – we are extremely happy that someone else liked it too. We’ll sacrifice a goat tonight!”

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1. Trailer for Fucking Bunnies.