Celebrating the First Year of Dance Film at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival

The BAFTA-Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival is open for entries. For the first time in its five-year history, the festival is welcoming submissions for its brand new dance strand. Since its inaugural year, ASFF has championed and supported international filmmakers working in a variety of genres including animation, artists’ film, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, music video and thriller. Having recently added two strands dedicated to fashion and advertising in 2014, ASFF now expands its vast programme to include a dance film category.

In celebration of this innovative genre, we have collated a selection of dance film featured at ASFF over the past four years. Whilst dance will be new to the festival in 2015, ASFF has received an outstanding array of experimental, music video and artists’ films which have encompassed the mesmerising talent of emerging and established choreographers, dancers and performers. Last year alone, ASFF screened an excellent collection of works from Ireland, Canada, Germany and Iceland.

Here’s a run-down of dance film at ASFF from the last four years:


Vanishing Points
Marites Carino (Video Signatures)
Canada, 2014
In Marites Carino’s Vanishing Points, conceptual hip-hop dancers shared fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity as viewers slowly realise that all they are watching is not what it seems. Sucked into a choreographic time warp, the performers’ talent is amplified by filmed segments in reverse. This is a enticing look at the choreographic world of dance on film. Watch the trailer here.

Dominique T Skoltz (Skoltz Inc)
Canada, 2013
Y20 navigates troubled waters; between suffocation and exaltation, consummation and relinquishment, yes and no, from both under the skin and from on its surface. Filmed underwater this is an intimate exploration of relationships and the emotions that we portray to one another. Watch the trailer here.

Ivalo Frank (Independent)
Germany, 2013
Viviente is a music video that explores the issue of identity through modern dance, lyrics and music. It highlights how body language and music can overcome all cultural barriers. Watch the trailer here.


Majid Bagheri / Anna Kraulis (Independent)
Canada 2011
Twixt imagines a realm of shadow-like spirits, exploring the fragile space between absence and presence. Featuring dancers Philippa Myler and Lindsey Ridgway, with music by Zoe Keating. Watch the trailer here.

Landscape Duet
Pierre Larauza (t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e)
Belgium / Hong Kong, 2012
This wordless film implicitly denounces through dance the environmental issue of over-urbanism, which little by little erases the natural landscape in many important cities. Watch the trailer here.


Chris Adamescu, Adam Tanguay and Monica Thomas (Montom Arts)
USA, 2011
Trace is a trio between a dancer, a videographer, and found footage. Using Super 8 footage shot by her grandfather in Arkansas in the 1950s and 60s, Monica Thomas moves between layers of film to create a piece focusing on experiential memory and embodied nostalgia. Watch the trailer here.


Adriano Cirulli (Independent)
UK / Italy, 2011
A study of human interaction expressed through movement and sound. Falling is the result of a painstaking combination of digital visual effects, choreography and electro-acoustic music. Watch the trailer here.

ASFF is a celebration of independent film from across the world, and an outlet for supporting and championing short filmmaking. The festival’s fifth edition will take place in 15 iconic venues across the city of York from 5-8 November and is currently open for entries. Submit your film for a chance to showcase your film to industry, filmmakers and thousands of film fans at ASFF 2015. We accept running times up to 30 minutes and the deadline for entry is 31 May.

To enter your work, visit www.asff.co.uk/submit.

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1. Y20, Dominique T Skoltz (Skoltz Inc), Canada, 2013.