Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity

Seeing the world through others’ eyes: this year at ASFF, with the extra day, we have been fortunate enough to be able to expand our programme. Included in this year’s special screenings are Polish shorts presented in partnership with Krakow Film Festival alongside LGBTQ+ films curated in partnership with the Iris Prize. We also have a guest programme from the British Urban Film Festival as well as a special presentation of the Battle of the Ancre with an introduction by Matthew Lee from the Imperial War Museum. This screening continues our recognition of the centenary of WWI and how as generations pass, we must never forget the sacrifice made by our ancestors.

ASFF is a festival for everyone, and one of our key areas of focus this year is looking at on screen representation. In a world such as ours today with the right of the right, Trump in the White House and Brexit, it has never been more important to engage with, learn from and share a great understanding of the different cultures with the UK, Europe and beyond. The programme of films brings new ideas into the mix and we are celebrating different languages and the diversity of the human experience.

As such, the LGBTQ+ showcase is particularly important, as 2017 is the 50th anniversary of a change in legislation to decriminalise homosexuality. This is hugely important if we review the past five decades and try to see where we were as a society, where we are and what else needs to be done to ensure equality for all. Similarly, we have also introduced subtitled screenings to ensure that our Deaf visitors can have the same festival experience as our hearing guests. Alongside this, parents and carers can bring children up to two years of age to Cinema Bambino. However, please note these films are for adults and can have a certificate of up to 15 – they are not for children. But, we do have a Family Friendly selection for ages four and up.

Film is universal. It chronicles our times and as a festival, we are passionate about making an event that is as inclusive as possible. Enjoy the show!

Download the programme here: www.issuu.com.

To book tickets: www.asff.co.uk/tickets

1. Still from Left Side of the Face. Courtesy of Krakow Film Festival.