Building an Inclusive Industry

This year ASFF provides an important platform for key speakers on diversity and inclusion in film. Hear from creative experts who discuss the importance of representation and how the film industry can and must do more.

Triggered! Empowering Tools 

A powerhouse panel tackling a thorny topic with myriad aspects and facets. We all have to now find ways to negotiate tricky conversations – activating content, problematic feedback and inappropriate representations, signalling to others (and admitting to ourselves) when and how we are triggered, even when we least expect it. This large-scale conversation will discuss the tools of navigation and recognition  (imperfect, but honest) and how we find space for addressing the effects of both individual and collective trauma.

3 November, Virtual Only, Channel 1

Off The Record with Digital Orchard Foundation

Off The Record helps anyone feeling excluded or held back in film and TV to win the jobs they want. It is an honest discussion about what individuals who identify as being underrepresented or marginalised in the industry can do to overcome ongoing barriers they face. Our contributing speakers will share candid advice about what you can do to progress, talk over feedback about the realities of the industry right now, and discuss ideas for how to tackle challenges you have faced before should they happen again.

3 November, Virtual Only, Channel 1

We Are Parable

Towards Diversity: Building Inclusive Futures 

We Are Parable is an award-winning film exhibition company founded by Anthony and Teanne Andrews. It’s aim is to provide audiences around the UK with opportunities to respond to and experience Black cinema in culturally relevant, memorable and innovative ways and this is done by the screening of upcoming, cult and classic films that celebrate Black culture on screen and the creation of truly unforgettable experiences. Co-founder Antony Andrews talks about the power of cinema and the power of inclusion.

4 November, York Explore & Available On Demand 

Diversity and inclusion have become such overused terms that they’re starting to lose their meaning. What does it really mean to be a diverse and inclusive organisation? And how can we realise that ideal in a slow moving, often change resistant industry? Artist and disability advocate Esther Fox and Bob Clarke, (CEO of training scheme the MAMA Youth project) join us to look beyond the buzzwords for a candid and radical discussion about representation in the creative industries. An invitation to raise our expectations.

4 November, Virtual Only, Channel 1

Who Can Tell What Stories? 

It is now widely acknowledged that many voices are missing from the screen industry, with leading disabled practitioners and industry bodies demanding urgent action on the inclusion of disabled creatives both on and off screen. This webinar panel discussion explores whether writers can navigate telling stories outside of their own lived experience and if they do, how can they do it well? And what the industry should be doing to better reflect the society we live in. Chaired by Vici Wreford-Sinnott from disabled led production company Little Cog.

4 November, Virtual Only, Channel 1

Decolonising the Arts in VR 

It is crucial to examine modes of representation and what they say about our world. Across the arts, literature and film, a new balance is being created, however, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure there is a level playing field. In VR and gaming, many central characters continue to be white and western in appearance, with their experiences often limited to this worldview. This is hugely problematic, and we need to create content in VR that is more inclusive and reflects the diverse world in which we live.

6 November, York Theatre Royal & Available On Demand

Masterclasses will run in-person in York, UK, from 2-7 November. Most sessions will also be recorded and will be available to stream on our virtual platform until 30 November. Learn more about our masterclasses here. Tickets start from £25. Discover our pass options here.