Branded Content: Visual Identities

The pressures and commercial imperatives of working with top brands are far from being a barrier to creating imaginative and innovative film work. In fact, given the synergy between fashion and lifestyle brands and the leading edge of contemporary visual culture in all its forms, the experience can be a powerfully creative one – and the skills of filmmakers who can fulfil a commercial brief and give a brand a unique visual identity in a hyper-competitive marketplace are very much in demand.

Fashion film is a particular strong example of this kind of creative synergy at work, and perhaps is a natural development from the fashion industry’s intertwined history with some of the greatest figures in the history of photography. ASFF has led the way on showcasing the fast-growing world of fashion film over the last seven years and, in 2017, it brings together some leading figures in Fashion Film and Branded Content to share their expertise.

In Branded Content: Visualising Campaigns (Fountains, York St John University; Thursday 9 November,15:30 –  16:30), Eliot Carroll of award-winning digital content production agency Tinderflint TV will offer invaluable practical advice for anyone planning to collaborate with brands. Carroll, who has worked with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Universal, Jaguar and Adidas, will reveal how to keep the client happy while showing that a commercial brief need not be a straitjacket to imaginative and exciting ideas. He will also consider how to get your project noticed in a saturated media environment of multiple new platforms.

That fashion film has reached maturity as a genre is clearly demonstrated by our critical retrospective of the genre and its key moments to date. A Fashion Film Retrospective: Milestones and Considerations (Temple Hall, York St John University; Friday 10 November, 14:00 – 15:00) will feature an overview of the field from fashion film consultant Niccolò Montanari. He will be joined by SHOWstudio’s Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Couceiro, for a discussion that will aim to explore the full breadth of content that currently falls under a genre of ever-increasing scope and constant innovation.

Montanari will also host our session on Photography and Filmmaking: Advertising In Fashion Film (Quad South, York St John University; Saturday 11 November, 15:00 – 16:00). Here he will be joined on the panel by Erika Trotzig from Studio Private, director Justin Anderon and i-D’s global executive producer & VICE UK digital programming executive Eloise King. They will consider the relevance of fashion film from the viewpoint of the advertising industry and will also examine its relationship to the established historical partnership between the fashion industry and the art form of photography.

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1. Tinderflint TV’s 2017 Showreel.